"...It's pure sales, but with an emotional dimension..."

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Monday 8th October 2007

"...It's pure sales, but with an emotional dimension..."

Interview with Betty Castaldi
With a broad background in radio, stemming back to the 1980’s, when she was in charge of advertising sales for Radio NRJ Nice, Betty Castaldi decided in 1990 to start her own production company. Beginning with the recording of advertising messages for radio, the service soon spread to in-store entertainment, where “all in one” solutions were created, including music, announcements etc., with the added value lying in the speed of the service – instantaneous. The “Home Radio System” was spawned. Systems were conceived and developed for the famed Lucien Barrière Casino group, and then for the massive hardware retail chain Leroy Merlin. We asked Betty to tell us about the “Custom TV” adventure.

While it all started with audio, around 4 years ago, flat screens began appearing in various locations. The Casino groups were the first to trust us in this area. In was in a sense the beginning of “custom TV”. This concept is now mature and we have evolved greatly. Our first aim was to develop a programme that would work like a TV channel, in other words with different programmes from one hour to the next... accompanied with advertising... and all this of course accompanied by audio. In this way there is not the boredom instilled by non-stop broadcasting of a “loop” – often with no sound. Not only is the content entirely “audio-visual”, but in addition, all the advertising messages are entirely realised in 3D, making them all the more dynamic, attractive and efficient. A system with only the visual aspect can only communicate 50% of a message.

Are your clients sensitive to the advantages you bring with this combination of sound and images?

That’s for sure. This is why we have references such as a major retail group selling articles for the home as well as DIY and garden supplies. We initially equipped their stores with audio systems, and progressively they are moving over to the use of a visual support together with the sound. This group, Leroy Merlin, has bought its own TV channel on the national network, which is called "A Côté de Chez Vous" and is available on satellite and cable TV, broadcasting reports and programmes throughout the day (see our case study in this SPECIAL report)... and they now also broadcast this channel in their stores. We have created a system for them that allows for having commercial breaks every 10 minutes.

What differentiates your visual offer?

We have developed a very flexible system which allows the client to have programming that completely fits with their frequentation according to the days of the week. Take the example of a casino. The number of people is not the same on a Monday and on a Saturday, but what also changes is the type of clientele: different people go to play at the casino on a Monday than over the weekend. The fact that the advertisements change every day and are adapted to the type of clientele shows the real possibilities of this media.

Does this idea come from your experience in radio with the "day-parting"?

Of course. Thanks to this experience, we don't develop our products in the same way as our competitors, and we don't sell in the same way. I personally involve myself in every project, and above all, we share with the clients what they experience every day. They talk about their customers and their habits... In the morning at Leroy Merlin, you will find single women or DIY amateurs in a hurry, while on the weekend there will be a lot more