Keeping IT Simple

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Managing Director
Thursday 29th April 2010

Keeping IT Simple

Protel is a technology and service solutions provider focusing on PMS solutions. We spoke with Manfred Osthues, protel’s Managing Director, to tell us what protel is about and the new trends he is seeing in the industry.

What products / solutions does protel provide for the hotel industry?

Protel provides solutions for all hotel types along with expansion modules which can be used for events, sales, marketing, and managing electronic hotel reservations. The Software can be interfaced to more than 1,000 external systems (for example: the minibar systems, credit card systems, yield management systems). Furthermore protel add-ons are helpful applications that integrate specific, highly targeted functions into the products to suit the customers’ personal needs without modifying the core of the application.

Can you tell us the differentiating factors of protel?

As a Microsoft partner, every protel product has been based on cutting-edge Microsoft technologies such as Windows and SQL Server. The two way link to Outlook is particularly effective. The benefits are swift implementation, short learning curve for employees, secure data storage, maximum application reliability and stability as well as long-term investment.

All products are based on one core system, or a "single source code strategy". In this way, a hotel using protel SPE in a single property can easily be migrated into a multi-property protel MPE cluster without losing any data. With our unique “Construction Kit”, protel systems can already be individually customized by dealers and even by clients. But for the core of the application, in-house development provides the best benefits to our customers all over the world in terms of investment protection, product strategy and support security.

Do you feel that older properties are looking to upgrade / change their PMS to a more integrated system?

Yes, definitely. But this does not necessarily mean that all modules have to come from the same vendor. Since vendors have focused on specific products/modules, no one covers all needs with the same quality of all products.

How does protel feel about 100 % pure web-based PMS?

We believe in the advantages of solutions being offered as "Software as a Service" (SaaS) to specific market segments in the near future - but we are also convinced that there will always be a market demand for standard on-premise solutions.